bat365 Debaters Excel at Home Tournament 和 International Competition

Members of the bat365 School 演讲及辩论 Team at their home tournament on 10月. 29. 查看更多照片.

演讲及辩论 Team Sweeps Top Prizes at Home Tournament

The 演讲及辩论 Team welcomed 100 debaters from 13 schools to the home speech 和 debate tournament at bat365 on Sunday, 10月. 29. 学生 competed in two rounds of parliamentary debate 和 two rounds of impromptu speaking. Continuing their successful season, the team won the top overall school award as well as both the top novice speaker 和 the top advanced speaker. In fact, the two bat365 teams that competed came in first 和 second place overall.

At the novice level, individual awards included 承认我 Lee, 26岁 as the top overall novice speaker, top novice debater, second place novice impromptu. 伊莎贝拉·邓27岁 was the third place novice debater. 承认我Isbabella were the first place novice debate pair. 特奥·埃弗茨26岁朱利安 Zheng, 26岁 finished as the second place novice debate pair. 

The advanced debaters did equally well. 当 24岁的本 was the second place advanced debater 和 凡妮莎 Guerra, 25岁 获得第三名. bat365 swept the Individual Impromptu category, with 在第一, 彼得·贝里佐夫,24岁 其次,和 以赛亚·斯蒂芬斯25岁 在第三. bat365 debate pairs also swept the advanced debate pair category, with Parth Jain ' 24凡妮莎 在第一, Jacob Zweiback, 24岁 其次,和 彼得以赛亚书 在第三.

The two eight-person bat365 teams finished in first 和 second in the overall school category, 和我们的团队 本, Jacob, 彼得, 以赛亚书, 承认我, Isabella, Teo, 朱利安 首先,和 Parth, 凡妮莎, Maadhavan Prasanna, 25岁, 马克斯·萨尔辛格,25岁, 塞雷娜·汤普森27岁, 奥利弗·斯莫尔,27岁, Emma Liu, 27岁, 索菲亚·克拉克27岁 获得第二名.

彼得 would have qualified for the World Championships in Canberra in April with their performances today, they have both already received invitations (read about 本's qualification below). The invitation to Worlds during the bat365 home tournament went to a debater from Deerfield Academy. 本的 individual victory on Sunday means that five different bat365 debaters have been the top speakers at all five of the Debating Association of New Engl和 Independent Schools (DANEIS) events held this year. This was the fourth straight tournament at which bat365 finished with best overall record.

The team’s success Sunday was especially satisfying because of the depth the team showed.  All 16 debaters contributed to the first- 和 second-place finishes. Five of the advanced debaters finished in the top eight advanced 和 six of the novices finished in the top eight novice. The continued development of the new debaters shows their hard work 和 the guidance of their advanced teammates.

The team has a bit of a break before the debating 和 public speaking tournament at Buckingham Brown 和 Nichols School in Cambridge on Dec. 3. They will use that time practicing as well as preparing for the Yale Model United Nations in January.


Bearcats celebrate their victory at the bat365 speech 和 debate tournament on 10月. 29.



bat365 debate team internationals

从左, 24岁的本, 梅兰·安东努奇24岁, 大卫·孔蒂教练, 凡妮莎 Guerra, 25岁 at the international competition in 加拿大.

Debaters Earn Trophies at International Competition; 24岁的本 Qualifies for Worlds

Three members of the bat365 演讲及辩论 team traveled to Vancouver, 加拿大, to participate in the International Independent Schools Public Speaking Competition over four days from 10月. 19-22. 当 24岁的本 finished in second place among the 113 participants, earning an invitation to the World Championships for the second year in a row. 当 梅兰·安东努奇24岁 总成绩第四. 的团队 , 梅兰, 凡妮莎 Guerra, 25岁 earned fourth place overall out of 36 teams from five countries.

In addition to his second-place overall finish, was a finalist in all three events in which he competed. He finished as the champion in extemporaneous speaking (for the second year in a row) 和 在盘问 debate. He was the second-place speaker in parliamentary debate.

梅兰 also reached the finals in all three of his events 和 finished in first place with 在盘问.

温哥华比赛, which took place over four days at the Crofton House School, provides valuable international experience of bat365 debaters, allowing them to see different styles of speaking ahead of upcoming competitions.